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About Me

Mom.  Seamstress.  Self proclaimed geek.


I share my life with my caring hubby, my wild Lightning Bug, and our four legged angel.  When not on nerdy adventures with my loving family I can be found playing with my camera.

My passion for photography started very young. When I first picked up my parent's copy of Karsh Canadians I was bitten by the photography bug and have been smitten ever since.

Being a natural light photographer, I enjoy experimenting with light and shadow to bring forth a unique perspective.  One of my favorite things to do is shoot lifestyle; sometimes it is the moments between the pauses that make me smile the most.


Life is full of adventures both big and small. To help new friends capture memories that will last a lifetime would be an awfully big adventure!

Contact Me

Burlington, ON

Tel: 905-699-9334

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